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Successful Rescue Operation: Foreign Vessel Freed from Grounding in Binh Thuan

On July 13, an impressive rescue operation in Binh Thuan province, Vietnam, resulted in the successful retrieval of the Panama-flagged vessel, M.V. MEMRUT BAY. The vessel had previously run aground in the La Gi region, posing challenges to both the crew’s safety and the marine environment.

Responding promptly to the emergency, a team of experts from the Binh Thuan Maritime Port, in collaboration with the Saigon Newport Corporation’s Maritime Service Joint Stock Company and the Navy, carefully planned and executed the rescue mission. Their main objective was to ensure the vessel’s safe return to Vung Tau port while safeguarding the surrounding environment.

M.V. NEMRUT BAY, a bulk carrier, displayed the call sign 3FGW5 and was identified by IMO number 9860788. With an LOA of 179.97 meters and breath of 30 meters, it boasted a remarkable payload capacity of 34,431 tons, facilitating the transportation of valuable cargo across international waters.

M.V. NEMRUT BAY (Source: Tan Cang Sai Gon/

Among its precious cargo were 25,510 tons of valuable steel coils, destined for different locations. Notably, 10,244 tons of steel were designated for unloading at Posco Vung Tau port, with the rest intended for ports in Malaysia and Indonesia, contributing significantly to regional trade.

The unfortunate grounding of M.V. NEMRUT BAY occurred in the La Gi region, known for its scenic coastal beauty. Unfortunately, the vessel ran aground on the Britto sandbank, an area notorious for shallows and hidden underwater obstacles, approximately 10 nautical miles southeast of La Gi’s seaport.

With determination and the use of advanced maritime technology, the specialized team embarked on a well-coordinated rescue plan. Their tireless efforts and expertise paid off as the vessel was successfully freed from its sandy predicament.

Throughout the operation, the safety of the crew remained a top priority. Comprehensive measures were in place to protect each crew member and ensure their well-being during the rescue process.

More than 3,700 tons of steel coils were transported to another vessel for deloading (Source:

The coastal community showed their support and encouragement for the rescue mission. Local fishermen, marine biologists, and environmental activists lent their expertise to minimize any ecological impact and protect the delicate marine ecosystem.

Ultimately, after days of meticulous planning and teamwork, M.V. NEMRUT BAY was liberated from its grounding. The successful rescue operation stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of humanity when faced with challenges, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in maritime endeavors.

The remarkable rescue of the Nemrut Bay will undoubtedly serve as an inspiring example for the maritime community and beyond, highlighting the significance of unity, compassion, and triumph in the face of adversity.

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