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Launching Ceremony for Wolverine Spirit 2 Oil Tanker Barge

Hai Phong, April 17, 2023 – On the morning of April 17, 2023, in Hai Phong, Vietnam, Shipbuilding Company 189, in collaboration with Damen Group from the Netherlands and their esteemed client, Wolverine Terminals from Canada, held a momentous ceremony to mark the launch of the Wolverine Spirit 2 oil tanker barge.

The Wolverine Spirit 2, designed with the codename Liba 7820, boasts impressive dimensions: a length of 78 meters, a width of 20 meters, and a speed of 10 nautical miles per hour. It is a specialized oil tanker designed for the transportation of various oil products, including MDO and HFO, allowing for maximum flexibility in meeting the demands of the market.

After more than 10 months of dedicated production work and unwavering commitment from the team of engineers, officers, and workers at Shipbuilding Company 189, along with the close and timely coordination between Project Group 189, Damen Group, and Wolverine as the client throughout the construction process, the oil tanker has reached the pivotal stage of its launch, following the planned timeline while ensuring the quality standards, technical requirements, and regulatory compliance set forth by Damen.

Addressing the ceremony, Brigadier General Tran The Vy, Director of the company, expressed his delight and pride in being entrusted by Damen Group from the Netherlands to build the Wolverine Spirit 2 oil tanker for a high-profile international client like Wolverine Terminals from Canada. This solidifies Damen Group’s trust in the shipbuilding capabilities of the company and underscores the long-standing cooperative relationship between the two parties over nearly two decades. In the future, the spirit of collaboration between Project Group 189, Damen, and Wolverine as the client must continue to shine even brighter to ensure that the Liba 7820 oil tanker is delivered to the client according to the agreed-upon plan.

This momentous occasion not only highlights the shipbuilding prowess of Shipbuilding Company 189 but also signifies Vietnam’s contribution to the global shipping industry and its commitment to delivering top-quality vessels to clients around the world. The successful launch of the Wolverine Spirit 2 is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and effective collaboration among all parties involved, reflecting the international nature of the shipbuilding industry and the shared goal of ensuring safe and efficient maritime transportation.

Source: 189 Shipyard

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