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DOLPHIN LOGISTICS provides a full range of shipping agency and logistics services to domestic and foreign oil contractors including: immigration services, import and export, project operation licenses, sea and road transport. aviation, inland transport, customs declaration, warehousing, packing
We are committed to providing professional and effective services by experienced and enthusiastic staff in the field of oil and gas projects and maritime projects besides that we have partners who are shipping companies. top, logistics agents in the world.
DOLPHIN LOGISTICS always brings the best solutions with the most services for customers on shipping agents and inland and international freight forwarding agents to give customers absolute trust. Prestige has brought us a good reputation to help us develop our business, bring new customers along with the fact that we have a real situation and always bring important project information to customer. We always build trust for customers on every successful journey.
The strength of our company is the staff with the best working style, professional ethics, skills and personality. Our team of staff takes on different projects and challenges at multiple levels and creates an open working environment that helps employees feel part of the company and motivates them to contribute to the success of the company.

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